Rhino horns for helmet with measurements
Rhino horn on a motorcycle helmet


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This set includes a Large Horn and a Small Horn in black. This set is best suited to bicycle and skateboard helmets.

For those who will be breaking the sound barrier on their motorcycles or doing activities such as skydiving or whitewater, grab a pair of our Speed Tabs. They will more permanently attach your Flair to the Nubbin. All good if you're not looking to swap them out or spin them around.

If you want to pop them on a motorcycle or snowsports helmet, be sure to check out the goggle position and the visor position.

Helmet Flair™ is a decorative attachment for helmets of all types. 

  • Rare earth magnetic bases (Nubbins) attach to helmet with strong adhesive and Flair pops right on; designed to sheer off in the event of an impact, increasing safety
  • Patent pending technology is unique to Helmet Flair™ products
  • Interchangeable with other Helmet Flair™ designs; collect them all!
  • Optional 'Speed Tabs' available for more permanent mounting
  • Constructed of durable materials to last
  • Designed in Boulder CO, made in the USA

This novelty accessory does not provide any additional measure of protection against injury and is intended for decorative use only. This novelty accessory is not certified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), or any other safety standard. This novelty accessory is not intended for use on public or private roadways as a safety device. This novelty accessory is not intended to provide any measure of protection or safety for any activities, such as biking, skateboarding, roller blading, motorcycling, skydiving or any other activity which may be associated with a risk of fall or injury. Please use at your own risk.

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easy to install

Helmet Flair has been designed to work on any helmet. This includes motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard and snowsports. Start by cleaning your helmet with the included alcohol wipe. Then stick the Nubbins on your helmet. Now you are ready to swap out all the Flair.

Why did we make Helmet flair?

Cat ears and devil horns on helmets with a whole family
Making Helmets Awesome

Our mission at Helmet Flair is to increase helmet use by making them more awesome. Read more about our mission, vision, values below.

Our Mission
Pink devil horns, red devil horns, pink cat ears, unicorn and banana mounted on ski helmets in a cave made of sticks
Get outside. Express yourself.

There's nothing better than a day outside with friends. Make it even better by showing the world all your Flair.

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