The US Consumer Product Safety Commission surveyed kids ages 8 to 13 to find out what can be done to get them to wear helmets more. 52% of the kids responded that they would be more likely to wear helmets if the look improved. Let’s be honest…. helmets have not changed too much in decades in regards to style. Only recently have we seen more helmets with fun design flair. Yeah, they use some new materials and have nifty vents. Kids don’t care about that. They want to be cool. Don’t we all?

One-third of non-fatal bicyclist injuries are to the head. A majority of the 80,000 cycling-related head injuries treated in emergency rooms each year are brain injuries. That’s huge. So what can your family do to build a good habit of helmet usage in your kids? Here are some suggestions from the folks at

  1. Start the helmet habit early on. If kids think that they never get on a bike without a helmet on, then it’s considered ‘normal’. Start the habit early.

  2. Let them pick out a helmet style and make it awesome. This is where Helmet Flair can help parents. Take your existing helmet and make it amazing with some horns, kitty ears or a banana. Now it’s fun to wear a helmet!

  3. Wear one yourself! Kids look up to us. If we have fun wearing a helmet, they will, too. Make your own helmet awesome. Helmet Flair is not just for kids. Let out your inner unicorn!

  4. Encourage their friends to wear helmets. Peer pressure is strong. We have all been there. Be sure that your kids are exposed to positive influences.

  5. Talk to them about why they should protect their heads. The bicycle is their first vehicle and is their first exposure to the real dangers of the road. Head injuries are serious and they can cause death if severe.

  6. Lump it with general bicycle safety. Helmets are not enough to keep kids safe on the roads. Be sure to go over the rules of the road and how to keep them safe. Helmets should be the last resort safety tool after all other precautions have been taken.

  7. Sports players wear helmets! Notice how many sports require helmets to protect the players. Use these folks as role models.

  8. Go to a bike race. Your child will see the pros out there on the road all wearing helmets to protect themselves. This helps to normalize the act for all people.

  9. Plan bicycle outings together. The best gift you can give your child is time. Set time aside to go on bike rides with them. Not only will it reinforce good safety practices, they will enjoy time with you.

  10. Be consistent. Every time your child gets on their bike, they must have a helmet on. No exceptions. This consistency helps to build the habit of helmet use.

The world is full of dangers and this one is easy to avoid. Let’s protect our brains.

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