Press Release

Boulder Based Helmet Flair Makes Helmets Awesome
Gone are the days of boring helmets…

Boulder, CO; December 2021- From 2019-2020, while the pandemic was raging, the team at Helmet Flair were busy designing and prototyping a product with the intention of making helmets awesome. Serial entrepreneur, Shaun Oshman, has been a cyclist and skier for years. For the past 10+ years, he has been pondering the challenge of making helmets more fantastic. In 2019, it was time to make that vision a reality.

The product attaches to helmets using a patent pending technology focused on magnetic force. The included magnetic bases (Nubbins) attach to the helmet with double sided adhesive. Then the decorative top pops right onto the magnet. This attachment technology allows you to swap out all models of Helmet Flair with your mood or your friends. In addition, it ensures that if you were to have a crash, the Flair would pop off. This allows the helmet to do its main job of keeping your brain safe.

Helmet Flair works on all helmets, including motorcycle, bicycle and snow sports. Grab a whole set for your crew, so you can find them more easily on the slopes or on a ride.

Oshman and his partner, Jessica Candelaria, have been spreading the good word of Helmet Flair by attending the cruiser rides in Boulder, skiing at our iconic Colorado mountains and participating in RAGBRAI, the annual ride across Iowa. They’ve been excited to see the level of joy Helmet Flair brings to helmets.

Helmet Flair is manufactured in Ohio and sold direct to consumer through their web site and Amazon Prime. They are looking forward to the 2022 expos, where they will be getting the product into retail stores.

For those looking for an excellent stocking stuffer from a Colorado-based company that is Made in the USA, check them out at or on Amazon. It’ll help you bring joy to all helmets in your life.

Shaun Oshman and Jessica Candelaria are available for interviews or live appearances with their Flair and their fantastic tandem bicycle.