Helmet Flair allows you to express yourself through decorative helmet accessories. It’s compatible with pretty much every helmet on earth. Great for motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, ski helmets, skateboard helmets and snowboarding helmets. 

Our two product lines are sure to satisfy your desires to be yourself. In a helmet.

Father of Flair: Shaun Maple

Shaun has been cycling his entire life. And he is a very playful person. Put those two things together and you get the spark for Helmet Flair. He spent ten years working with kids of all ages in outdoor education and classrooms. Kids look to adults to learn how to be good humans. Adults look to kids to remind them of the value of play.
After running an IT support company for 8 years, Shaun hopped on his 40 foot sailboat to explore the seas while contemplating the next mission. After three years, it was clear that the world needed Helmet Flair. Development began in December of 2019. Now the main focus is to bring safety and play together. Get outside. Express yourself.

Flair Fairy: Jessica Maple

Flair Fairy Jessica Candelaria on a mountain with cat ears on her helmet snowboarding
Jess has been crushing the pow for 30 years now. She spent 15 years running the Mountain Sun, the most iconic brewery in Boulder, CO. As the Flair Fairy, she is responsible for Operations and Marketing at Helmet Flair. 
She enjoys Jasmine Pearl tea in the mornings, sipping water all day long and doing fun stuff with people she loves. Certainly a keeper.

Fashionista of Flair: Chris Cox

 Chris makes weird stuff. Like all the time. He makes weird stuff for brands for a living. And his weird has no limits. He creates the brand characters, packaging and voice of Helmet Flair through creative genius manifested from his tablet. And yes, he enjoys a martini lunch as all good creatives do. Check out his other work at changethethought.us
Horns and kitty ears for helmet

Helga: The Flair Wagon

When the team hits the road to an event or an expo, Helga gets them there in comfort and style. She is a 2002 E350 XLT Superduty that the team built out in the summer of 2020. In 2021, she got the addition of her trailer buddy, called Dingleberry. This greatly increased her storage capacity and generally increased her badassness. 
Listen out for her old school horn and look for her stylish collection of Flair. She's awesome.

Flo: The Official Helmet Flair Tandem

Classic tandem bike with green lighting
Like the lovely waitress who asks if you'd like a 'warm up' on your coffee, Flo gives out those classic vibes of a time of when gas was leaded and typewriters didn't have correction tape. Yeah, that's Flo. 
She's originally from Topeka KS and has been enjoying her new home in Boulder CO. She is also enjoying her total rebuild with new chains, new paint job, tassels and rad lights. She crushes the Thursday Night bike ride like a boss. We ❤️ her.  
Phone: (720) 383-7488
Email: hello@helmetflair.com